Developer Portal

The developer portal: Access to new data sources in operational buses, way to publish services to passengers and collected user feedback!

–> LLB Developer Portal <–

The LLB Developer Portal provides developers with the tools to create their own applications to Oma kokoelma [“Own collection”] and to access APIs created by the LLB consortium, for example. Through the APIs, real-time data from the buses can be utilized in the applications. Oma kokoelma is a web service for bus travellers where they can use a personally configured set of these application during their travels.

For efficient development, the portal provides a Developer Kit [download] and application design guidelines. Developers can make their applications available through the Oma kokoelma, and collect valuable feedback from users. The Developer Portal allows developers to upload the applications for testing and publication, edit application details, set up the feedback configurations, and view the feedback results.

To learn more and start the development process, sign into the Developer Portal, check the detailed description of available APIs and their use as well as  download the Developer Kit. The Developer Portal and Developer Kit form a gateway for you to create applications that can use the LLB platform and be included in our list of applications available on the Oma kokoelma. APIs can be utilized in any application, whether or not utilizing Developer Kit.