The Living Lab Bus project offers development, testing and demonstration opportunities utilizing the fleet of electric buses running in normal operation on a few of Helsinki Region Transport’s (HSL) lines in Helsinki, and equipped with an LLB on-board setup:

  • buses serve as mobile sensor platforms providing an extensive selection of real-time and accumulated history data from both existing and third party devices,
  • provides edge computing capabilities (with on-board computer) for controlling data collection and enabling its pre-processing, as well as
  • allows means for provision of  services and content to passengers and other stakeholders in buses utilizing on-board computing power, public displays and mobile landing page.

See further information about buses, their on-board setups and available open data here.

The Living Lab Bus project offers several ways to exploit its offering (see figure below):

  1. –> Developer Portal <–: APIs and tools for service developers to access and use extensive real-time and logged data from a fleet of operational buses
  2. –> Testing Hardware <–: technology developers can test their solutions (e.g. sensors) in a real-life environment
  3. –> Demonstrating Services <–: service providers can test and demonstrate services (e.g. passenger infotainment) to collect feedback from real users
Opportunities for different types of solutions
The extensible LLB On-board Technical Environment and opportunities for different types of new solutions